Profile of Ken Nichols

Ken Nichols Born in St. Walburg, Saskatchewan, Ken graduated from the University of Alberta in 1991 with a BA in Economics. Shortly thereafter, he worked for Northridge Canada in Calgary. After experiencing the upstream part of the petroleum industry, Ken joined his father's company Gasland Oil to gain experience in the downstream sector of the fuel retailing business. Ken was involved in many facets of the business including Gasland's network-wide roll out of its proprietary pay-at-the-pump technology. At a time when the major retailers were still piloting their systems, Gasland was able to implement their pay-at-the-pump system across its entire chain. The work done on this project would foreshadow his later involvement in the payments business, on a much larger scale.

In 1994, Ken jumped at the opportunity to be in business for himself, while still remaining within the Gasland family, by becoming the contract operator of its busiest store located on Yellowhead Trail in Edmonton. Ken successfully owned and operated this store for 7 years through the transition of the sale of Gasland to Husky Oil in 1996. It was this experience that solidified his passion for entrepreneurship.

In 1998, Ken founded Cash N Go ATM Network. In August 2008, Cash N Go became a full member of the Interac Association, becoming only 1 of 3 private ATM companies to be members. Cash N Go eventually grew to be Canada's 5th largest private label ATM company, operating 1,250 ATMs in every province and territory. Cash N Go directly processed all of its ATM transactions and dispensed over a Billion dollars every year until he sold the business in 2011.

In 2012, Ken co-founded Professional Real Estate Photography (PREP). A nation-wide photography and media delivery service company, with photographers in over 12 cities across Canada. PREP is an extremely simple-to-use, high-value proposition that helps Realtors achieve the highest results for their clients.

In his ongoing role with Gasland Properties, Ken, along with his father Cal continue to explore the many opportunities in both commercial property management, as well as property development.

Ken's strong commitment to give back to his community, a trait he proudly admits comes from his parents, includes many volunteer and charitable activities. Along with his involvement as a Board member of his local Community League, numerous Edmonton charities have been the beneficiaries of Ken's time and resources.

Ken also belongs to the Edmonton Chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), a dynamic, peer-to-peer global network of more than 11,000 business owners in 48 countries.

Among many activities such as playing hockey and golf, Ken has had a lifelong a passion for flying and aviation. Ken earned his Private Pilots License while still in high school at the age of 16.